Barra is a tough glaive who fuses flesh and steel.



Might: 16 Current: 12 Edge: 1
Speed: 15 Current: 13 Edge: 1
Intellect: 9 Current: 9 Edge: 0

XP: 1
Effort: 1
Armour: 2 intrinsic + 2 worn


  • Jumping
  • Might defense


  • Trained in all weapons
  • Reduce might cost of armour worn by 2
  • +1 points regained by recovery rolls
  • Special healing: The first 5 points of damage taken must be repaired rather than healed
  • Unarmed damage: 4 (or 5 when using right hand)
Fighting moves:
  • No need for weapons (unarmed counts as a medium weapon, damage 4)
  • Thrust (1 Might, attack does +1 damage, requires edged or pointed weapon)


  • 4 shins
  • Wears a cowled cloak, tunic, pants with a whole bunch of pockets, ankle high tough boots. They were various colours at first but now all are “faded, dusty”.
  • Cypher: A nozzled, ceramic rod. Push one end inwards and you grow thick, bony claws that add +2 to unarmed attacks. Out of combat, effect is instant, in combat use requires one action to use, effect takes place following round. Using in combat makes your defensive rolls one difficulty higher when applying the cypher (1 round). Duration: 4 hrs
  • Cypher: none
  • Oddity: A glass needle that you can push into your skin, but causes no damage. (Out of phase with human flesh)
  • Beastskin armour (medium, 2)
  • Broadsword (medium, 4 damage)
  • Crossbow (medium, 4 damage, long range, 12 bolts)
  • Dagger (light, 2 damage, may be thrown: short range)
  • Bag of tools and spare parts (for self-repair)
  • Mechanical right hand, made by Dierechnung, +1 damage from heavy synthsteel when unarmed.


Barra is the brother of Dierechnung, and they’re sticking together because they’re family.

His abilities come from biomechanical modifications, very obvious so no attempt to conceal them. Plenty of bits poking through the skin, some as mount points or plugs, others just can’t be concealed. Rhai-Lienh knows how his mechanical parts all fit together.

Barra worked various mercenary/caravan guard/bodyguard gigs since leaving his hometown. An early terrible injury (loss of his right arm) got him started with adding new bits to improve himself.

Current enhancements include:
  • Powerful exoskeleton for legs (jumping skill, speed bonus)
  • Right arm is fully metal (no need for weapons, thrust)
  • Heavy synthsteel right hand made by Dierechnung (can be detached and replaced with alternative hands. in theory. when I get some).
  • Armour plating and strengthened muscle (might bonus, armour bonus)


There’s bound to be money made on the way doing this and that, not to mention the chance to find pieces of tech I can use as upgrades.


I once worked as bodyguard for a powerful criminal, and they owe me their life.


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