Mechanical Jack who Creates Unique Objects

Stat Pool Edge
Might 12 0
Speed 13 0
Intellect 13 1

Effort 1

Armor 1

Skills: T = Trained, S = Specialized
- Repair (T)
- Craft Ranged Weapons (T)
- Craft Cybernetics (T)
- Flex Skill: At the beginning of each day, choose one task (other than attacks or defense) on which you will concentrate. For the rest of that day, you’re trained in that task. You can’t use this ability with a skill you’re already trained in to become specialized. (T)
- You’re trained in all actions involving identifying or understanding the numenera. (T)

Special Abilities:
Master Identifier: You are trained in identifying the
function of any kind of device. (Enabler)

Sense “magic”: You can sense whether the numenera is active in situations where its presence is not obvious. You must study an object or location closely for a minute to get a feel for whether the touch of the ancients is at work.

Thrust (1 Might): This is a powerful melee stab. You make an attack and inflict 1 additional point of damage if your weapon has a sharp edge or point. (Action)

Esotery: Hedge Magic (1 Intellect): When you have a free hand and can pay the Intellect point cost; you can perform small tricks: temporarily change the color or basic appearance of a small object, cause small objects to float through the air, clean a small area, mend a broken object, prepare (but not create) food, etc. You can’t use hedge magic to harm another creature or object. (Action)

- Practiced With Light and Medium Weapons: You can use light and medium weapons without penalty. If you wield a heavy weapon, increase the difficulty of the attack by one step.

- Practiced in Armor: You can wear any kind of armor. You reduce the Might cost per hour for wearing armor
and the Speed Pool reduction for wearing armor by 2. (Enabler)

- Inability: You have a manner or an aura that others find a bit unnerving. The difficulty of any task involving charm, persuasion, or deception is increased by one step.

- Connection: Pick one other PC, that character has an extra item of regular equipment that you fashioned for them. (They choose the item.)

- Shins: 7
- Clothing
- Light Armor
- Khukri (Light)
- Crank Crossbow (Med): Long-range weapon that has a magazine that holds five bolts, uses pump action to advance to the next bolt. Action to reload. It can be used as a rapid-fire weapon. With a sling that allows it to be dropped while in combat, without falling to the ground.

- 22 medium bolts

- First Aid Kit: Contains bandages, a few tools, and salves. Provides an asset to healing tasks, lowers the difficulty by one step when you attempt to heal yourself or another.

- Bag of Light Tools: x2 Contains small tongs, pliers, screwdriver, small hammer, small pry bar, lock-picks, 10 ft of string, 3 ft of wire, and miscellaneous screws and nails. Also includes anything needed to make your first-tier crafts, and any normal item (of level 1 or 2) that you can make with your skills.

- Explorer’s Pack: x2 Contains 50 ft of rope, rations for three days, three spikes, hammer, warm clothes, sturdy boots, three torches, and one minor glowglobe.

Cyphers (2)
- (Empty)

- A handheld tube that projects focused light and sound directly in front of the user to a distance of 10ft. It is a level 7 device, you have seen a similar device used before and it shattered rock and steel to a depth of 10feet, you shudder to think what would happen to a living person who stood in front of it. Effect lasts 3 rounds.

- Wrist device that cycles through 0000 through 2759 daily. The sun appears to be highest in the sky when the number reads 1400.

- A ball the size of your hand that projects a replica of whoever is holding it for 10 seconds approximately 20 feet away in a random direction.

- A rod the size and thickness of an ink pen that vibrates when you hold it.


Dierechnung discovered his love of machines at a young age. Growing up on a small farm he was always under foot, as his dad was repairing/tinkering with the automatons that helped tend the fields. Another part of it stemmed from his brother Barra, letting him tag along as he went out exploring. Dierechnung loved going on these “adventures”. Soon he learned that one could find all manner of fascinating gadgets, just waiting to be scavenged.

After one such adventure with Barra; Dierechnung learned the danger in tinkering with things you don’t understand. It had been a relatively successful trip; with Dier finding various cyphers and oddities. Back home while tempting to suss out what they all did, he set off a small explosion in the small workshop he had set up in the barn. With a violent cacophony of splintering wood, the adjacent seskii kennel collapsed trapping Barra under the rubble. Barra was able to be pulled free but he lost one of his arms a short time later. Dierechung escaped with minor burns and bruising, since he was across the room from the bag that held the offending devices.

Feeling guilty for what he had brought about to his older brother; Dierechnung packed his things and hitched a ride with a troupe of performers that had stopped in the near by village (yes he ran off and joined the traveling circus). He traveled with the troupe doing odd jobs here and there, mostly fixing the various machinery that the performers used. He picked up all sorts of new knowledge there from tending wounds, to fighting and, numenerian lore. Dier stayed with the troupe through most of his teen years until, one fateful stop far from home.

The town was like most others they had visited; flourishing with a booming merchant trade. There were rumors the area was controlled by a powerful crime lord. One night while the troupe performed for the crime lord; Dierechnung ran into a familiar albeit older face, Barra’s. Apparently he was one of the body guards. The two spent most of the night catching up. Dier decided to part ways with the troupe and, spend time reconnecting with his brother. He too ended working for the crime lord doing odd bits of fixing, both flesh and metal. At one point with the help of an up and coming nano named Rhai-Lienh, he fashioned a new synthsteel cybernetic hand for Barra. In his mind this was just one small payment, of the very large debt he owed his brother.

Shortly there after Barra and Dierechnung set out on another “adventure”; they set out together on The Wandering. Dier’s motives don’t follow a religious belief; he has always seen the tech working behind the “magic”. He is doing it to be by his brother’s side and, to learn all he can about the numenera.


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