A Charming Nano who Works Miracles



  • Might 7 (Edge: 0)
  • Speed 12 (Edge: 0)
  • Intellect 17 (Edge: 1)


  • Trained in all tasks involving positive or pleasant social interaction
  • Trained when using esoteries or abilities that influence the minds of others
  • Inability at studying or retaining facts
  • Inability at resisting mental attacks
  • Training in understanding and identifying numenera


  • Practiced With Light Weapons
  • Esoteries (Hedge Magic & Push)
  • Healing Touch


  • Clothing
  • 5 Sisks
  • A book about the Numenera
  • Three cyphers (chosen for you by the GM)
  • One oddity (chosen for you by the GM)


  • Contact: you have an important contact in a influential position.
  • Pick a PC. They think you may be a messiah or supernatural being. You may or may not be aware of this.


  • You have 14 shins to spend.

Cypher 1 -
Description: A vapor injector
Usage: Must Inject directly in nose and sniff
Effect: The users mental and physical synapses are stimulated allowing the user to take two actions per round for 5 rounds
Note: Out of combat, effect is instant, in combat use requires one action to use, effect takes place following round. Using in combat makes your defensive rolls two difficulties higher when applying the cypher (1 round).

Cypher 2 -
Description: A leathery, bio-matter dodecahedron with a touchpad
Usage: Press, Twist, Throw, Duck (must make successful attack roll)
Effect: Creates gravimetric distortion in 30×30 circumference area
Note: Out of combat, effect is instant, in combat use requires one action to use, effect takes place following round. Using in combat makes your defensive rolls one difficulty higher when applying the cypher (1 round).

Cypher 3 -
Description: A viscous, chrome paste with circular applicator contained in multifaceted jeweled tube.
Usage: Rub onto surface
Effect: Instantly dissolves any material applied to in a 1m x 1m area.
Note: Avoid skin and eye contact.


Things always came a bit too easy to Jep. Unassuming good looks, an easy smile, and an affable way about him made him gave him an advantage that pointed to an easy, prosperous life in the small village in which he was born and raised. Knowing this made him confident, increasing his charm, but it also made him arrogant and more than a little over ambitious. When, through an unlikely series of coincidences, he discovered that he had the power to heal, he couldn’t believe his luck. He could perform miracles. A once popular young man quickly became a revered one. Through careful positioning and an obsessive eye towards his image, reverence started to look a little more like worship. Soon his entire village could be counted as Jep’s flock, and he eagerly eyed neighboring communities.

The time between Jep’s feeling of slight uneasy about the fervor in the eyes of his worshippers and outright disaster was shockingly brief. Jep prefers not to think about that time. Now he goes by a nickname, Shine, picked up on his journey to the Wandering Walk. The journey to the journey as Shine likes to think. He’s had some time to reflect, some time to grow. Starting again was hard, in fact it almost crushed him. But he’s smarter now, and he has an idea or two of where things went bad and how to avoid that in the future. His travels have shown Shine just how small his old life really was. His sights have now been set higher, and his ambition is anything but diminished.


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