Numenera: A New Beginning

Barra's journal 1

Peregrine camp underwent attack of superstitious fear about alleged deaths and disappearances, near Mouth Cairns. Camp attacked that night by giant slug creature – lurking band, I think they were called? In any case, our band killed it and probably saved a few other pilgrims from being devoured or whatever they do. We recovered a couple of cyphers out of the body, too. Score!

Next morning another weird thing. Pair of kids turn up riding a giant centipede, one wounded – he insists we take his sister to healers nearby while he returns to defend his village from monsters. We agree to escort the sister, and plan to return to the village after and maybe help them against critters. Turns out she has some kind of telepathy that is maybe out of control? It seems to be what’s making her sick, anyhow.

Delivered our guest to healers, and find we need to go get some ingredients from a nearby garden which is unfortunately infested with broken hounds. We go in perhaps a little over-confident, and face a tough fight. It was over quick, but we took a lot of hits before we drove the survivors off. Note: hounds seem to act in concert – telepathy or hive mind maybe? Watch for coordinated attacks from groups.

Rest and gather what the healers need, then return to apothecary who says the girl’s treatment will take a day or so. Rest up! Tomorrow we’re off to save the village from… dammit, I can’t remember what they were called. Critters.

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