The Nightmare Switch


The land of Seshar is a dry desert crisscrossed with artificial waterways created in days long past. The village of Redstone lies upon one of these waterways, flourishing due to its brisk trade in stone quarried nearby and its extremely capable clave of three Aeon Priests.

Recently, the village has been struck by a mysterious illness and requests for aid and assistanceThe lady have been received. You have overheard that a small river craft is being loaded with aid supplies to be delivered and will leave within the week. The river craft Captain, a well like man named Deyvish, has posted notice for guards and additional crew given the amount of supplies he has been asked to carry. His vessel, an 18-foot (5.5 m) wooden trow with a synth sail is said to be a technological marvel that is said to glide along a river seemingly effortlessly no matter the load.

You have also seen an emissary from the Clave in town and believe he has been organizing the aid supplies and relief effort. However, given the rumors coming from the stricken village very few have answered the call.

The Nightmare Switch

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