A Swift Nano who Rides the Lightning

Stat Name Pool Edge
Might 11 0
Speed 13 0
Intellect 14 1

Tier – 1
Effort – 1
XP – 2
Max cyphers – 3

Special Abilities
  • Practiced with Light Weapons
  • Numemera Training
  • Scan (2 INT points)
  • Onslaught (1 INT point)
  • Balance Task problems – +1 Step
  • Shock (1 INT point)
  • Charge (1 + item level INT points)

Initiative – Trained
Running – Trained
Numenera – Trained


Clothes (Black short-sleeved shirt, black flowing pants, black thigh-high boots, fingerless gloves)
Bag of miscellaneous batteries (75% chance of finding a battery for an item)
Razor Ring (2 pts, Light weapon)
Book of Numenera (glued onto the cover is an ancient board filled with copper squiggles and circles)
4 shins

Artifacts and Oddities
  1. A fizzy greenish/blue paste. Tastes great and leaves breath minty fresh.

Cypher 2
Description: A wad of dry, purple putty
Usage: Apply to forehead
Effect: You temporarily gain +3 Intellect Pool for 1 hour
Note: Out of combat, effect is instant, in combat use requires one action to use, effect takes place following round. Using in combat makes your defensive rolls one difficulty higher when applying the cypher (1 round).

Cypher 3
Description: A needle gun that injects a salty, apricot-colored fluid
Usage: Injection
Effect: The target’s body/clothing/armor becomes covered with bony growths for 5 rounds. Armor is increased by 2. Melee attackers must make defensive roll or suffer 2 damage.
Note: Out of combat, effect is instant, in combat use requires one action to use, effect takes place following round. Using in combat makes your defensive rolls one difficulty higher when applying the cypher (1 round).


Rhai-Lienh was orphaned as a baby and raised in an orphanage run by the Order of Truth, but was kicked out at a young age due to his inability to be adopted as a result of the birthmark on his face: a blue and purple fern-like pattern starting at the tip of his nose and running in random directions all across his face, forehead, and neck (look up Lichtenberg figures on Google for an idea). He lived as a beggar and minor thief for many years, doing whatever he could to keep from starving or dying.

Life as a Nano

His first encounter with the numenera came as the result of a fight with another beggar over food. During the fight, he was knocked senseless and left in the gutter. When he came to, he realized that he could see little sparks of electricity in the air, as well as around various things in his environment. When he reached his hands out, the sparks gathered in close to him, as if warming themselves, and when he touched the things with sparks, the sparks around his hands would dance with the sparks in the device and he found he’d learn a little bit about the device by doing so.

Rhai-Lienh came to realize that the birthmark on his face also reacted to the nanites and sparks, glowing and “crackling” when he’d interact with them. He quickly realized that he’d better understand this power much more intimately, or else he was going to be consumed by it. He sought out numenera and ancient technologies, using his link to the sparks as his teacher. His greatest find was an ancient slate filled with metal writings from an unknown civilization. He was able to learn its language, for it spoke to him in tones full of high-pitched squeals, hisses, and various tones, and from it he learned how to modulate the energy surrounding him and use it to send out bolts to harm enemies or to scramble their minds. He also learned how to further modulate and demodulate the energies he’s surrounded with to provide greater information about the world around him. He keeps this board with him, having attached it to the cover of his book of numenera in which he keeps his notes about things he’s learned.

The Wandering Walk

Rhai-Lienh found out about The Wandering Walk through stories and tales by others, Peregrine and not. He felt that his best bet at understanding exactly what occurred to leave him alone as a child might be found by discovering more about the Ninth World. He took on odd jobs, using his powers to try and gain a shin here, find out more about who he is there, and so on. One job was run by an old Glaive named Mannek, who disappeared in the middle of exploring some ruins that promised to hold some interesting wonders of the ancient worlds. Rhai-Lienh remembered another young Glaive asking him and the other team members about the missing Mannek, but didn’t think much of it until about 10 months into his Wander when he ran into the same Glaive, Phoss. Phoss hadn’t remembered Rhai-Lienh until they shared stories of their paths on the Wander. While neither specifically sought out work on the same assignment, their paths continued to cross one another’s, each time sharing further stories of themselves and their adventures.


Rhai-Lienh realized that, with the help of his nanites and powers, he knew Phoss about as well as one man could know another, though Phoss may not be aware of this fact. He knew Phoss had a lot of potential power within, and he knew just how to tap into it.

He also knew a secret of another powerful Glaive, the man called Barra. His nanites had explored Barra during a shared job (one in which he’d helped create a new cybersteel hand for the Glaive), and reported back a wondrous detail: the exact combination of sounds and chords to freeze Barra in his tracks. Rhai-Lienh didn’t know how he might use this, but if he and Barra were on opposite sides of a job…


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